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Who are we?

We’re not staffed by middlemen. We don’t pass the buck onto lesser agencies or content creators, because unlike countless other content creation agencies, we complete all projects in house, using the best writers, editors, and SEO experts to create the best possible work for the lowest possible price.

What Do We Do?

It’s simple. None of the money you pay us is lost on outreach teams, and there are no additional agencies or middlemen taking a cut. This allows us to direct the project’s budget to the things that matter.

As a result, we’re better, but we’re also less expensive.

Content Creation

Content is king. It is the driving force behind your business, from SEO-optimised guides to informative blogs and eye-catching copywriting. We are masters of online content and can work in any industry and on any subject.

Editing And Proofreading

Everything we write is funnelled through our experienced editorial team and they’re also available for editing/proofreading contracts. Whether you need a heavy rewrite (performed in combination with our content team) or a light proofread, we’ve got you covered.


From logo creation to infographics and even book covers—whatever your site or project needs, InkBlimp’s expert designers can help. We can create something from scratch or follow your instructions. You’re in the driving seat.

Brand Building

Why work with a few members of our team when you can have all of us? Our skillsets in content creation, SEO, design, and website developing allows us to offer a complete brand-building service for retail sites, content sites, and brick-and-mortar projects.

Quality content for your brand

what to expect

InkBlimp wasn’t dreamt up by a team of marketing experts. It’s not staffed by people whose only skillset is making conference calls and using Fiverr. It was cofounded by two hard-working freelancers—a bestselling author who has written for hundreds of multinational companies and a designer whose work has been featured on everything from bestselling books to award-winning products.

Not only do the company’s founders assume an active role in completing client projects, but they also oversee the creation of every project. This guarantees the best results every time, because at InkBlimp, we don’t need to rely on untrusted, untested, and nonresponsive freelancers, which means you’ll never be disappointed.

We won’t miss a deadline, make a promise we can’t keep, or deliver substandard work. That’s our guarantee.

Take a look at our Service pages to learn more about the design and writing services we provide. Once you find something you like, simply place your order using the site’s secure payment platform, and we’ll get to work.

If you have any questions about this process, click onto our FAQ page or contact us directly. We don’t have a large support team on hand to deal with calls and queries but will reply as soon as we can and answer any questions you have.

Better. Faster. More Affordable

Contact us today to revolutionise your content strategy. Build your site, populate your blog, design your logo—whatever you need, InkBlimp can help.